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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Voice recognition software

I had a talk with my physical therapist. She recommended voice recognition software for my computer.

It sounds good but I'm not going to get it until I'm sure it will help. I already have a Deep Brain Stimulator. There is a big difference between brain surgery and software. I might have been too quick to get the surgery. I don't Know. Everyone else notices a difference. I might be better at coping and made adjustments to the way I do things. I was classified as rapid repeat MS. Now I am diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. I'm not sure the surgery was good for me.

I watched a video someone posted today. She was demonstrating the MS gait when she walked. I remember those days. I use a wheelchair now.

I don't want to make it seam like it was inevitable. MS is different in everybody.

The Software might help with my blog. I can type a little. The problem might be with motivation.

Monday, August 02, 2010

New tool on blogger

There is a new web tool to design blogs with on blogger. I say it's new but I don't know. I haven't been using my computer. I have been veg'in in front of the TV.

I looked up a few people on facebook. I was going to come clean to a few girls in High School I had crushes on. I was trying the extreme honesty philosophy. Then I thought better of it. That's a lot of girls!

I really just wanted to let people know I ain't dead yet. I will post more latter.

My Journal

This is my diary below. I hope it will give some insight to living with Multiple Scerosis